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Sanfilippo Solutions inc. Cellulose Fiberglass And Spray Foam Insulation


Air Sealing

Your home is your sanctuary, it should be stress free and comfortable.


Sanfilippo Solutions Inc. can help take the stress of the heating and cooling payments, and reduce your drafts and cold spots, or warm spots in the summer bringing the comfortable back.


We will come in and make sure your home:

  • is safe,
  • no gas leaks
  • no carbon monoxide coming into your living space 
  • We will Install a blower door to test the air tightness of the home
  • use our  infrared cameras to find where the heated air is escaping as well as the locations where the cold air is coming in.

We will then assess the areas to improve ensuring any work will be paid back in lower heating and cooling bills. Financing is available in low interest loans (3.5%) and through utility bill payments.

One of the largest heat loss contributors is through losing your heated air through holes in your building envelope. Seal them to keep the air from moving out with your heat

An efficient hot water tank/ hot water heater uses the smallest amount of energy to keep your water hot when you need it.

Efficient Water heater

Another one of the large heat loss contributors is insulation or the lack there of. The proper levels of insulation keep the heat contained within your home.

An efficient furnace makes good use of every dollar spent heating the air and transfer that energy into the warm air within your home.

Efficient furnace

You want a free or reduced cost  energy audit through NYSERDA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (R)  Program from Sanfilippo Solutions Inc., 

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is your home as efficient and comfy as it can be? let us help.

More Than just Spray Foam Insulation, Fiberglass, Cellulose, High Efficiency Furnaces, Power Vented Hot Water Tanks, On-Demand Hot water, Windows, Doors, Air Sealing, LED lighting, Energy Star Appliances. we bring comfort to your home and pocketbook! 

Are you paying too much for your energy bills?

Did you have Ice dams on your roof this winter?

We will help!

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